Film composer BC Smith and bestselling author Richard Kadrey have joined forces to create A Demon In Fun City—an instrumental, cinematic ambient sonic adventure of soundscapes crafted with classical influences, noise elements, and jazz chaos. The music flows from tense atmospherics to melodic mysteries, at times unsettling and other times strangely beautiful. Mixed by sonic architect Bob DeMaa in Stereo, Binaural for headphones and Dolby Atmos, the album takes listeners on a journey through a wild, liminal twilight.

Plastic Magazine - UK 

A Demon In Fun City’s debut record is a testament to the power of instrumental music and its ability to transcend boundaries. Through their experimental ambient compositions, the duo sparks curiosity, ignites imaginations and builds a visual narrative within the mind’s eye. The release is a captivating and thought-provoking album that pushes the boundaries of music, redefining what’s possible within the style. 


There’s no need for words. They paint the mood, they introduce suspense through the lens of curious eyes. But the deeper you go in this forest, the less you truly know about it. There’s an undertone of eeriness and danger. The unknown, but also a touch of sacredness. As humans, we are intelligent creatures, but still there are so much we don’t know. “Friends in the Wood” reminds you of that and keeps you humble. 

MUSIC FOR ALL (Portugal) 

One of the most SENSATIONAL endeavors released in 2023, 

The trip is something transformative and largely unforgettable.  A Demon In Fun City is widely needed 

Os Garotos De Liverpool:  - Brazil 

Traveling through cinematic, experimental and avant-garde, also presenting several elements with high psychedelic content, taking listeners on a journey through mesmerizing soundscapes, with a sound exploration that doesn't leave our stop for even a second, being born in unknown territories of music. 

Plastic Magazine UK 

This instrumental masterpiece defies conventions and offers a gateway to uncharted territories of music, redefining the very essence of the art form. 

Obscure Sound 

Impressing with its range, from delicate translucence to eerie chills, “Badlands Neurology” is a stirring ambient success with cinematic appeal. 

Indie O Clock - Portugal 

 cinematic, adventurous instrumental sounds that take your breath away with a style that shrouds mystery. 

We Write About Music - USA 

In an era where musical landscapes are often dominated by formulaic and predictable sounds or styles, A Demon in Fun City emerges as a breath of fresh air with their mesmerizing release 


A Demon in Fun City effortlessly blends tense atmospherics with melodic mysteries, creating an immersive experience that oscillates between unsettling and strangely beautiful. The expertly crafted music showcases the artistic synergy between Richard Kadrey and BC Smith, pushing the boundaries of creativity and delivering a unique sonic experience. 


Unclassifiable in a specific genre, the instrumental title explores the mysteries of sound and imagination, invites sound experimentation, and demonstrates extraordinary creativity. Be ready to get carried away 


We appreciate the instrumental mastery that A Demon In Fun City exude with this release, and love the ebbs and flows between peace and chaos and the universe they are creating.